Move over kale juice, hemp juice is here to stay!

In this third installment of our Irish mini-series, we get to know Marcus McCabe and Kate Mullaney, founders of Kama Hemp Juice. Marcus and Kate run a unique business in Ireland, which is able to operate because Hemp Juice is considered a food, not a drug.

And while some hemp farmers produce CBD oil or other extracts, Marcus and Kate are firm believers of using the whole plant.

Both Kate and Marcus are well known throughout Ireland for their pioneering work with, natural building, permaculture design, water purification and homeschooling. In May 1997 the began work on their now famous strawbale house and they moved in, in November 1998

Things took a bit of a turn for the worst when their first Hemp business collapsed leaving mounting debt and much disappointment. However, their faith in Hemp as a fruitful crop never failed and they persevered with a much scaled down version of the Hemp Building business. 2013 saw Kate and Marcus take a brave new step into the juice production world. Being juice and health advocates for many years themselves and also by now experienced hemp growers, this put them in the perfect position to take up the premier role in the Hemp Juice business!

Hemp fields forever…
Hemp up close
Hemp up close
Their self build home of clay, straw and of course hemp!
The magnificent view

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