Barcelona’s Crackdown on Cannabis Social Clubs Backfires

Cannabis News Network reports on the sudden launch of a crackdown on Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs, initiated by the mayor of the Catalan capital Xavier Trias.

Through new zoning restrictions, Xavier Trias would have 80% of Barcelona’s Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) closed. Cannabis clubs within 150 meters of schools, libraries, hospitals, gyms would not allowed and have to be closed.

According to the City Council, the aim of this plan is “to limit the proliferation of clubs and thus protect our children.”

Talking with the police

On Monday the 11th of May 2015, Medical Green Social Club was raided by the police, but lawyers representing the club were able to have these actions ruled illegal.

The club summoned its members to an urgent assembly so that they would all be present when the police came. This way, sheltered by the Constitution, they avoided its closing.

Medical Green9

Great news for the club, and an embarrassing moment for mayor Trias.

Nevertheless, tensions will continue until elections are over.

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