The future of cannabis in the EU versus the Americas

What was it all about in 2016?

The Cannabis News Network team took off to Dublin in 2016 to attend The Global Medical Cannabis Summit: Advancements in the Age of Cannabis. The Summit was hosted by Volteface and Help not Harm, and sponsored by Tilray and Leafly. According to Volteface, it was ‘the first largest medical cannabis conference ever held in the British Isles’. “Looking across Europe, we are very much behind” Tim Colbourne, Former deputy chief of staff to @nick_clegg. “So in every country, you have to apply to a different set of rules” Tjalling Erkelens, CEO Bedrocan.

What’s it all about in 2019?

With over 80 speakers across 18 talks, Cannabis Europa London has something for everybody. Our panelists will be discussing the most pressing issues facing the European industry today, analyzing the developments of the last 12 months and looking at how medical cannabis has permeated the mainstream. With a line up of prominent politicians and policymakers, inspirational business leaders and healthcare professionals, unwavering advocates and ingenious entrepreneurs, we are shaping the debate across the continent.

The theme of the conference is people and it is people that are at the core of the program’s discussions.


The European cannabis industry owes a lot to its pioneers. Initially, dissidents who braved many challenges and stood against the established order, they now represent symbols of progress. Today these figures remain very active in the European industry, still at the forefront of innovation in research, policy, and entrepreneurship, and there is still much for all to learn from their experiences.

The topics explored will include, but are not limited to:

  • Why did early pioneers persist in building cannabis companies despite all the obstacles?

  • What can new entrants to the market learn from industry veterans?

  • What are the pros and cons of cannabis ‘becoming mainstream’ in recent years?

Source: https://twitter.com/alicesrq/


Generational shifts are changing the way we perceive cannabis and the position it should have in society, in turn changing our ways of healing, consuming, and living. Discover some of the most innovative profiles and companies in and adjacent to the cannabis industry.

The topics explored will include, but are not limited to:

  • How can innovation in the cannabis space have lasting effects on other sectors?

  • How do we scale innovative ideas to achieve maximum impact?

  • What role do agri-tech and health-tech have in the medical cannabis debate?


Patients and carers have spearheaded reform globally for decades. In some cases, decision-makers have worked with them hand-in-hand, in other cases against them, as they explore medical cannabis access programs together. Hearing the stories of these patients helped to create a better environment for debating medical cannabis reform both in the public sphere and behind the curtains of power will give us a better understanding of how reform came about in Europe and what it means for future campaigning efforts.

The topics explored will include, but are not limited to:

  • How can patient advocates remain front and center of the cannabis debate?

  • What is, or what should be, the role of the media in campaigning?

  • How effective is civil disobedience as a route to reform?

  • What is, or what should be, the role of global patient networks in the education of public officials?


The European cannabis industry is entering a new phase of professionalization and consolidation. Local and international teams are bulking up their ranks with seasoned professionals from other industries. There is a pressure to scale up their resources to remain competitive as more corporate actors with well-functioning global supply chains enter the space.

The topics explored will include, but are not limited to:

  • What are solutions for addressing the human capital shortage facing the industry?

  • Which strategies can cannabis companies adopt to remain competitive as larger corporates enter the space?

  • What role do and should professional services play in building the global cannabis industry?

Source: www.cannabis-europa.com

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