The CannaTest, shows what you don’t want to smoke

In the first episode of the CannaTest, we tested cannabis bought from street dealers in the south of the Netherlands, Belgium and France. This time, we test weed bought on the streets of three big European cities: Berlin (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Valencia (Spain). And the results are alarming!


Cannabis News Network reporters from Berlin, Vienna and Valencia went out on the streets to buy cannabis from street dealers. By doing so, we try to get an idea of the quality by bringing over our samples to a testing facility in Amsterdam.



The results are quite shocking. Not only were the THC levels surprisingly high, but more alarmingly, possible trace elements of Brix were discovered in one of the samples.


Brix is a liquid consisting of sugar, fluid plastic material and hormones, in which the buds are dipped after harvest. At first sight, Brix-soaked cannabis can almost not be distinguished from unadulterated buds. However, it burns extremely badly, leaves hard ashes and is very bad for your health.

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