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    Our Editor in chief is Steven Kompier. He has 25 years of media experience working for National broadcasters and since 2011 he is one of the few full-time cannabis journalists in the entire world! This expert naturally is a member of the Dutch Journalism association (NVJ). He broadened cannabis news from undercover operations and investigative journalism to the premises of the UN and the EU. Only at CNN! Be surprised how the deliberations at these organizations can catch and keep your attention. Thanks to CNN. Be angry with CNN when patients are suffering from unbearable pain because authorities are keeping effective medication behind locked doors, while an obvious solution is staring us in the eye!

    Cannabis can relieve their pain and reverse ailments. Be stunned when people are thrown out of their houses because they keep three plants in their garden. We have a network of global correspondents delivering; fresh, exciting, shocking, feel-good news items that will change mind-sets. CNN will become an information pool for other international news programs and broadcasters because they will know that the news we deliver is sound, solid, accurate and reliable!

    Join our vision and let’s mark the future. 

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