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In times where countries are regulating cannabis, the international community fails it’s responsibility and the United Nations seems to be a lame duck.

Scientists and experts from the field acknowledging the real harm being done: none! People are taking control, confronting the establishment and dare to take risks.

It is time to wake up!

Cannabis News Network invites journalists to send in their report.

Professional, with respect and TRUE!

Cannabis News Network is a source of serious, factual news about everything that has to do with cannabis, including industrial, medicinal and recreational use. The aim of Cannabis News Network is to bring news from the world more effectively, efficiently, with more diversity and a high professional standard. We want to confront policymakers, politicians and the general public with facts and reason, filling in the gap left out by the official media.

Also light, more spectacular, sensational kind of stories that will attract more views. As a reporter, you need to be able to GET the interview, be factual, be honest and don’t let anybody get away with bullshit. With respect and “good manners” of course.

Let us know what you want to tell, in words and then… If you would like the desirable Cannabis News Network microphone windscreen-plop,  do not hesitate to get in touch!


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