South African “Robin Hood of cannabis oil” gets raided

“Tonight, I sit and write this story, in the hope that someone will listen to us. I write this in tears and frustration, I write this as a fugitive from the law. The reason for this? I make and distribute Cannabis oil on a charity basis to everyone that needs it.”

On Friday, October 2nd, the home of the South African cannabis activist and THC oil maker, Sheldon Cramer was raided by the South African police. Sheldon Cramer, also known as Bobby Greenhash and ‘the Robin Hood of cannabis oil’, wasn’t home and quickly went into hiding with his family in the KwaZulu Natal bush.

Cannabis Network News was able to interview Bobby on day three of his self-imposed exile and we asked him what his reasons were for taking his family into hiding.

Bobby is no stranger to controversy. For many years he has been openly advertising his illegal medicinal cannabis oils and tinctures on social media and has been detained by the police before.

His nonprofit ‘Bobby GreenHash Foundation’ has helped countless numbers of not only South Africans, but cancer sufferers across the world with his cheap, effective cannabis medicines.


For now, he handed himself in, his legal team struck up a deal whereby he wasn’t detained. He is now at his home and the police will conduct their interview with him there.

Cannabis News Network will keep you posted on this story.

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