The Future Of Cannabis Seeds | Full Debate | ICBC Berlin

The genetic variety of seeds is at the basis of the entire cannabis industry. What if big companies are taking over and monopolizing the cultivation of cannabis seeds?

A debate at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin (ICBC Berlin) between Alan Dronkers (Sensi Seeds), Dr. Reggie Gaudino, PhD and Dr. Darryl Hudson, PhD.


ICBC Berlin
From left to right: Dr. Darryl Hudson (PhD), Alan Dronkers and Dr. Reggie Gaudino (PhD).

Alan Dronkers

Ben Dronkers’ eldest son Alan is a highly skilled and knowledgeable breeder, and an integral part of the Sensi Seeds breeding programs which took place at the now-legendary Cannabis Castle. Alan possesses an enormous wealth of information about medicinal and industrial cannabis genetics. He also takes a keen interest in the history and use of cannabis around the world as well as in the laws pertaining to the plant. Alan is co-author of the book Hashish- The Joy of Making and Curing.

Dr. Reggie Gaudino, PhD

Prior to his role at Steep Hill, Dr. Gaudino served as a published genetic researcher with 18 years of intellectual property experience in writing, prosecuting and managing patents and patent portfolios in fields as diverse as software and telecom to biotechnology and molecular genetics

Dr. Darryl Hudson, PhD

Dr. Hudson is a molecular biologist and geneticist utilizing his expertise to optimize cultivation and quality assurance protocols within the cannabis industry with a focus on both quality and safety. Dr. Hudson has helped develop SOPs and QA standards for all aspects of cannabis production including cultivation, extraction, formulation and analytical testing.


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