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As a navigator Bart Hissink crashed, in 2009, with a hundred and sixty kilometers an hour against a tree. He was in a coma for two weeks!

After a long road to recovery and lots of medication, mainly painkillers, Bart felt his life could be improved in trying something else. Cannabis! He believes people should have the constitutional right to grow their own cannabis.

Since his accident, Bart Hissink is on a quest to spread the word about cannabis.

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Through his rallysport connections and being an ambassador of Cannabis? Aangenaam!Justice for Johan and Hersenletsel.nl, he managed to bring both worlds together resulting in a world first: cannabis exposure in the rallysport!





Cannabis? Aangenaam! is a cannabis normalisation campaign, fighting against the stigma still surrounding cannabis use through Dutch celebrities coming out the cannabis closet. Whereas Justice for Johan is about Johan van Laarhoven: a Dutch coffeeshop owner who is imprisoned in Thailand for 103 years.  A victim of foul play by the Dutch authorities. To learn more about his case, check out the reports we previously made. 

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