One year of Cannabis News Network videos – an overview

This month we are celebrating one year of Cannabis News Network! A great moment to look back at the stories we covered, the progress that has been made, the policymakers who did or absolutely did not contribute to that progress, and a great moment to shine a light on everybody who supports the normalization of the cannabis plant. Watch 40 minutes of Cannabis News Network.

Cannabis News Network consists of an international group of reporters dedicated to bringing you serious, factual news videos about everything to do with cannabis, including its industrial, medicinal and recreational uses. Together, we confront policymakers, politicians and the general public with facts and reason, filling in the gap left out by mainstream media. The network operates in collaboration with Sensi Seeds.

Check out this compilation of some of the topics covered over the last year, such as the 50th anniversary of the discovery of THC by Professor Mechoulam, quality tests of cannabis bought from street dealers in Europe, the United Nations’ stand on cannabis, Cannabis Social Clubs, and updates on cannabis legalization from Poland to Spain.

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