Injustice & Dissatisfaction – Medicinal Cannabis as a Human Right | Part 2/4

Cannabis News Network is launching a miniseries on one of the hottest topics in cannabis regulation: the medicinal benefits of the plant and the struggle of patients to get access to it.

The Netherlands is the first country in the world that started a government-controlled medicinal cannabis program. Over 10 years ago, the country implemented a set of rules following guidelines from the United Nations.

A very proactive move at the time, but how did it turn out?

While the United States of America is going wild on medicinal cannabis in every possible way, the Netherlands is still trying to be the teacher’s pet. But as Cannabis News Networks shows, it didn’t work out that well for its audience: the patients.

In episode 2 of this series, we investigate the injustice of the medicinal cannabis system preferred by the United Nations, and the dissatisfaction of patients who depend on this system.


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