COMING UP: Medicinal Cannabis as a Human Right

For our first story of 2016, Cannabis News Network aims the spotlight on Medicinal Cannabis as a Human Right. Check out some of the subjects we will be covering below.


HIV patient can grow his own medicinal cannabis, judge rules


Cannabis is the only thing that works to reduce Hillebrand’s nausea, induced by the plentiful amount of HIV medication provided. On average, Hillebrand requires five grams of cannabis a day. To reduce costs, Hillebrand Medicinal Cannabis Patient Hillenbranddecided to grow his own cannabis, a total of 24 plants. Dutch law tolerates 5 plants.

After receiving a tip, the police raided his home in December 2014 took 19 plants away.

Hillebrand decided to go to court to fight for his right and won. The judge ruled in his specific case, Hillebrand provides a safe way to grow and is allowed to continue to do so.

The Cannabis News Network team was at the courthouse for registration.

Medicinal cannabis patients line up to grow their own

SC leeuwarden

pastaFollowing the revolution of Cannabis Social Clubs and medicinal cannabis oil, it was only a matter of time before people would start to organise medicinal cannabis oil production through Medicinal Cannabis Social Clubs. One of those clubs, is Suver Nuver from Friesland, up north in the Netherlands. Suver Nuver has been actively producing and distribution medicinal cannabis oil on a donation basis. Over 500 people have already signed up and are being helped, filling the gap of an insufficient medicinal cannabis program currently active in the Netherlands.

Suver Nuver has succesfully reached out to the media, after which the club drew more attention. So far, Suver Nuver has been left alone by the police and judicial authorities, but Suver Nuver is prepared to go to court when they do.

Suver Nuver also invited Cannabis News Network and as such, will be featured in our special.

Human Rights for Medical Access to Cannabis

Eleonor Roosevelt declaration

Artz 3We also interviewed Franjo Grotenhermen, MD, Executive Director of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (Germany), campaigning for access to medicinal cannabis on the basis of human rights. In a joint declaration, organizations from Europe and North America refer to Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948.

The declaration was published in six languages on a dedicated Web site (www.medical-cannabis-declaration.org), and it states: “Every medical doctor has the right to treat his or her patients with cannabinoids and cannabis products according to the rules of good medical care” and “every patient has the right to access cannabis and cannabinoids for medical treatment supervised by a medical doctor, regardless of social status, standard of living or financial means.”

All of this will be packed in our upcoming medicinal cannabis special, publication due February 26. Until then, enjoy some of the related stories below and of course make sure to subscribe to Cannabis News Network on YouTube!

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