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The Dutch government, famous for its tolerant stands towards cannabis since the early ‘70s, have shifted towards a war on cannabis. This war is being waged on multiple fronts.

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One of these battles is against Johan van Laarhoven, a retired coffeeshop entrepreneur living in Thailand. The Dutch government accuses him of laundering money earned by selling cannabis and investing the resulting funds in his new home country.

The Dutch public prosecutors were the ones to trigger the Thai authorities to investigate Johan van Laarhoven, leading to his, and his wife’s, imprisonment under horrific conditions for the last 13 months.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 29th of August, Cannabis News Network will present you with an update on this case, including a focus on the Thai delegation who traveled to the Netherlands to learn more about the Dutch cannabis policy.

Want more? Make sure to watch our previous report on the Johan van Laarhoven case below:

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