FIRST LOOK: Johan van Laarhoven Case, Part 2

Earlier this week, lawyers of the former coffee shop owner Johan van Laarhoven from Tilburg showed a delegation of Thai lawyers how the Dutch tolerance policy on soft drugs works.

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Johan van Laarhoven made his fortune as the owner of 4 coffeeshops, amongst other legitimate businesses.This has led to him being imprisoned for almost a year, in a jail in Thailand, under horrific circumstances. The Dutch State accuses him of laundering, criminal money and investing it in Thailand.

Johan’s lawyer Gerard Spong took his Thai colleagues along to the coffee shops in Tilburg and Den Bosch Van Laarhoven founded, who in September will be heard as a witness during the trial in Bangkok. They spoke with D66 MP Magda Berndsen and visited the Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam.

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In an exclusive, Cannabis News Network was at the scene to further report on Johan van Laarhoven’s case. Missed our previous report? Watch it below!

Double Dutch – The Hypocrisy of the Dutch Government

Our next report on the Johan van Laarhoven case is estimated to be released in second part of the upcoming week.

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