Representatives of 14 countries will gather to talk about CBD

Do you want to know everything about the latest status of CBD? In Poland, this is discussed in the HempToday center. What are the regulations in the EU? How do the individual countries deal with advice from the EU to classify CBD as a novel food? And what about the US or UK and even Pakistan? How do producers deal with the enormous potential hemp has to offer for a sustainable and better world?

Steven Kompier, producer, journalist and responsible for Cannabis News Network will give a presentation about the role of the media and the power of good reporting, so everyone is aware of the latest developments. For policymakers and politicians to know what is going on by providing good, factual information.

What we’ll explore:

The Summit, to be held at HempToday Center in The Palace at Nakło, Lelów, Poland, will look at the current status of the CBD sector and the many opportunities that exist in the exciting field of medical hemp & health products. We will explore the basics of cannabinoid extraction, and point to the sub-sectors, products and supporting industries that are coming into play. We’ll look at the sector’s wide range of specialized services – research & product development; marketing & communications, and technology & machinery.

  • Regulatory environment
  • Biochemistry of cannabinoids
  • CBD production process
  • Product development & innovation
  • Global hot spots for medical hemp

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