Did you know about Sorgh painting cannabis in Rembrandt’s time? | Canna History HD

Cannabis News Network is launching a new series: Canna History. In cooperation with the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum we are going to present multiple historical, entertaining, and need to know facts about cannabis and hemp. “Three men and a woman are sitting around a table. They are singing, drinking beer and smoking. The man on […]

30 years of Sensi Seeds: Hemp for victory

Celebrating milestones of the cannabis industry. In October 2015, one of the biggest names in the cannabis industry celebrated two huge milestones. Check out this special report from Cannabis News Network.

Marijuana Garden Science with The Grow Boss

Buy The Grow Book & Equipment Guide Here- http://www.thegrowboss.com/ in this video i breakdown the equipment used in one of the oldest garden images on the internet. there are so many things wrong with this image i cant believe it’s still around. “The Grow Book and Equipment Guide” can be purchased at our website @ […]

Road Trip In Lesotho: Africa’s First Legal Cannabis Cultivation | Cannabis News Network

Fields Of Green for All, a Johannesburg legalisation non profit, took a road trip down into Lesotho for Cannabis News Network for the real story behind ‘Africa’s First Country to Grant Medical Marijuana Licenses’. Lesotho has the record of being the only country in the world with an average height over 1000 meters and is […]

Ethics in Cannabis with Dr. Jonathan Newman

t the International Cannabis Policy Conference organized by FAAAT, we got to interview Dr. Jonathan Newman. Dr. Jonathan Newman is a social anthropologist at the University of Sussex, where he researches the cannabis industry in Europe. You may have heard about the Paris Agreement before, as Trump famously said he would withdraw the United States […]

Updates on regulating medicinal cannabis and more

In this episode, you will find updates on regulating medicinal cannabis and much more.

Reefer Madness in Dutch Parliament | Cannabis News Network

For 40 years, the government has been turning a blind eye to the supply of cannabis to the famous Dutch coffee shops – until this week! A majority of MPs in The Netherlands now seem likely to back a draft legislation from the Liberal democratic party. The new law would regulate the cultivation of cannabis to supply […]

It’s Darkest before Dawn | Cannabis News Network

Medicinal cannabis is becoming more accepted around the world and various countries are moving towards a health approach instead of a criminal approach. Good news for patients, you would say. But as we’re approaching the point of (semi) legalization of (medicinal) cannabis, the fight isn’t over yet as shown in our latest report It’s Darkest […]

Marijuana Timelapse closeup of flower forming (60 days)

Cannabis Timelapse Strain: Green Cush Elapsed duration: ~60 days

Cannabis Reguleren in de Praktijk, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam | Cannabis News Network

Voor het eerst sinds de Tweede Kamer heeft ingestemd met het reguleren van de cannabisteelt voor coffeeshops, komen de hoofdrolspelers van het nieuwe cannabisbeleid bij elkaar om te praten over de toekomst. Centraal staat de vraag hoe regulering van cannabis er in de praktijk uit moet gaan zien. Lang was de vraag in Nederland óf […]