How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds


Today we are going to use an old school method of marijuana seed germination. You fill a shot glass with spring or distilled water and drop several seeds on top of it. The water tension should allow the seeds to lay on top of the water with no problem.
I prefer this method of germinating marijuana seeds to ‘the paper towel’ weed germination method, where seeds are placed between, or under moist paper towels. I’ve used both effectively but don’t like the ideal of rootlets being torn by the fiber in the paper towel when you pull them off to place in your grow media.
We had a package of Power Skunk marijuana seeds from Flying Dutchman Seeds out of Amsterdam. There were two feminized marijuana seeds left in the package, which is probably four or five years old.
Flying Dutchman describes their Power Skunk as a revolutionary hybid strain that was a huge influence on the cannabis scene in the Netherlands in the 90s or before. I cannot speak to this but I have grown it in the past and it IS a great strain.
The seeds began to germinate about 48 hours after they were placed in the shot glass. You can see the tap root starting to emerge from the seed husk in the video.
We placed both seeds in small plastic cups with holes cut in the bottom for drainage. After pushing a hole a quarter inch deep into the soil we placed the marijuana seed in, with the tap root facing down. Within a few days both plants emerged above ground.
One was unable to push the husk off her two starter leaves and did not survive. The second survived and started growing but her leaves look seriously mutated. We will watch her and in the worse case scenario, cull her from the room.
So this is one way to germinate your marijuana seeds. Let us know how you do it!
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