Hans Kamperman Camps in Front of Parliament Until Cannabis Policy is Changed | Cannabis News Network

Since January, Hans Kamperman has been camping in front of the Dutch Parliament building in The Hague to take action against the criminalization of cannabis and to draw attention to his fate.

Kamperman: “It is not a demonstration but a one-man action where I sit at the entrance of the House of Representatives and address politicians on the bizarre soft drugs policy of the government. I will not stop this action until there is a change in this bizarre policy. ”

Hans Kamperman is a successful businessman and philanthropist without criminal record, but has now been prosecuted for having 5 cannabis plants in his garden. No longer being able to run his business, Hans Kamperman is losing millions, his faith in society and thus destroying his life. He has since started a petition you can sign:


Hans was also featured in our previous report on cannabis in Europe:

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