International updates on regulating medicinal cannabis

In this episode you will find updates on regulating medicinal cannabis and much more.

  • How is the world going to regulate medicinal cannabis? In the Netherlands the office of medicinal cannabis, a government controlled system, audit, controls and supplies the medicinal cannabis through pharmacies. In the United states a third party, Patient Focused Certification, controls the medical cannabis industry.
  • A Dutch study from the Trimbos institute and the office medicinal cannabis, whereby patients inhale medicinal cannabis instead of using orally, shows that patients are very positive with the results.
  • The acceptance of the use of cannabis is not desirable for the traditional pharmaceutical companies and its anti-drugs groups. There is a lot of money at stake and there is a lot of pressure from political and private organizations to stop the rise of cannabis.
  • A report just published by the World Health Organisation, an agency of the United Nations, makes a discreet but clear call to decriminalise drugs.
  • The annual Cannabis Liberation Day was held for the 6th time.

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