First Dutch Cannabis Social Club declared illegal

On Thursday the 12th of February 2015 the Dutch Public Prosecutor declared that the first operational Cannabis Social Club (CSC) in the Netherlands, Tree of Life, is illegal.

According to Tree of Life, their CSC-system is operating within the margin of the Dutch tolerance policy. This allows the cultivation of a maximum of 5 plants per household. However, there is limit of one technical apparatus such as a grow light or a hydroponics system, as two or more of these would suggest professional cultivation.

Tree of Life is a non-profit foundation that grows 5 plants for each member of the club. Clear administration points out that each individual member remains the owner of his or her 5 plants, including a name tag on each plant.

From day one Tree of Life have been totally open about their activities. They even requested that the Public Prosecutor issue a statement officially responding to their course of action. The Public Prosecutor has stated that “Although there is no purpose of financial gain, the Public Prosecutor believes that the scale and degree of growing cannabis suggests professional cultivation and is a commercial activity”.

Cannabis News Network contacted Tree of Life’s lawyer, Adèle van der Plas. She will discuss the options of bringing this case to court with Tree of Life next week. Cannabis News Network will keep you updated.

If you want to know more about Cannabis Social Clubs and the way they work, please watch this Cannabis News Network video.