What’s Next After New Dutch Cannabis Cultivation Bill?

In a landmark decision, the lower House of the Dutch parliament voted earlier this week in favor of adding cannabis cultivation to it’s famous tolerance policy.

A move that would decriminalize the supply aspect of the coffeeshops. The bill would exempt professional growers working within certain conditions from punishment, creating a closed system from the production to the consumption of cannabis. Not legalized, not regulated but tolerated under government control.

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Right to Grow

But who is going to supply the coffeeshops? Big state controlled companies like Bedrocan, who is the sole producer for medicinal cannabis in Holland or greenhouse tomato-farmers?

James Burton

What about the original growers?

Those who are being criminalized because of the illegality of the plant? Are they going to be allowed to grow and become players in the new cannabis market?

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Elections in March

The new law still has to be approved in the Senate. If the votes go along the same party lines as in the lower house, the bill would be rejected.
That means that the issue could become a bargaining chip in discussions to form a new coalition after the Dutch elections on March 15.