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The Big Raid On Little Rohel

Tuesday, June 12 is not a great day for the Frisian couple Tabe Koopmans and Brigitte Boomsma. They had to move with their animals to a cowshed. Not voluntarily, of course, but because their municipality De Fryske Marren closed their rental house for 3 months because there were 45 cannabis plants + 120 back-up cuttings […]

De Waanzin van de Speekseltest Deel 5 | Roadside Drug Testing Pt. 5 | Now You Know

In part 5 of our series on roadside drug testing, we take a closer look at the punishments for driving with cannabis in your system in various countries and tips for getting tested negative. English subtitles available.

De Waanzin van de Speekseltest Deel 4 | Roadside Drug Testing Pt. 4 | The Human Toll

(English subtitles coming soon.) Bijna 43 jaar na de invoering van de alcoholtest in het verkeer is hij er dan nu echt: de drugstest. Per 1 juli 2017 kan de Nederlandse politie speeksel van automobilisten testen, om autorijden onder invloed van drugs aan te tonen. In deel 4 van onze serie over de speekseltest kijken […]

De Waanzin van de Speekseltest Deel 2 | Roadside Drug Testing Pt. 2 | Cannabis News Network

Cannabis News Network presents an exclusive multi-part series about the insanity of the saliva test in Dutch, English subtitles.

De Waanzin van de Speekseltest Deel 1 | Roadside Drug Testing Pt. 1

Cannabis News Network presents an exclusive multi-part series about the insanity of the saliva test in Dutch, English subtitles.

Hans Kamperman: An Act of Love

Note: English subtitles available. Hans Kamperman is fighting for the decriminalisation of cannabis. Since the beginning of 2018, he has been camping out in front of the parliament building in The Hague. The sad peak of his campaign was a failed suicide attempt.

Hans Kamperman Camps in Front of Parliament Until Cannabis Policy is Changed

Since January, Hans Kamperman has been camping in front of the Dutch Parliament building in The Hague to take action against the criminalization of cannabis and to draw attention to his fate. Kamperman: “It is not a demonstration but a one-man action where I sit at the entrance of the House of Representatives and address […]

Former Dutch Prime Minister Receives Cannabis Award | Cannabis News Network

This man is responsible for the decriminalisation of cannabis and the Dutch coffeeshop system. Former Prime Minister Dries van Agt! He received an award from the Dutch coffeeshop owners for introducing the tolerance policy, dividing ‘soft’ from ‘hard’ drugs. The (Koos Zwart) Award is given to those who are at the front-line of the struggle […]

Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag / Cannabis Liberation Day Amsterdam 2017 | AFTERMOVIE

The official aftermovie for Holland’s biggest cannabis and hemp event: Cannabis Liberation Day! On June 11 2017 thousands gathered to rebel against the insane anti-Cannabis laws in the Netherlands. Organized by the VOC Nederland foundation, the crowds got together and enjoyed a peaceful event at the Flevopark in Amsterdam, where music and celebration stipulated the […]